Thursday, 14 March 2013


If you work for a newspaper and you are reading this please help me in waking someone up to the problem. Working for a major systems vendor for the publishing industry, Newspapers essentially pay my salary so I have a lot vested in their success. So lets help them by telling them our pains and why we find their product so disheartening at times. Here's my most recent experience.

A coworker announces that he read in a report somewhere that the average age of a newspaper reader is 55! Another coworker finds this stat amazing and asks for the source of the information.

Now i have to go to their fierce competitor GOOGLE!! and find the report from Carnegie another way. You can't make this stuff up. Mr. Newspaper executive. Please, please, please wake up to this very fixable issue and offer us the content that your company has so diligently provided so we, the news consumers, can give you our business through an enjoyable experience and not end up venting on a blog about it.


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