Thursday, 14 March 2013

Interesting Couple Days

There's a lot of forces moving right now in the market making these media lines blur.

AOL Launches TV Service
First, AOL and rival sibling Time Warner played nice long enough to announce that AOL will launch in Internet TV service to be named In2TV. AOL will fund the effort through advertising. But before we all get too excited about this, Time Warner will only be dusting off old programs that haven't seen the light of day for many years like "Welcome Back Kotter" and "Growing Pains". But its a start.
The advertising-supported In2TV service will feature an archive of approximately 3,400 hours from 4,800 television episodes spanning 100 series of old Warner programming.
The service will be organised into six channels, including comedy, drama and animation, and may eventually include programming from other networks.
MicrosoftMeanwhile, Microsoft is trying to play spoiler and is planning on making a broad sweeping splash in online advertising with their MSN Ad Center play. They just announced its new Web-based Windows and 'software as a service' strategies.

Windows Live: Primarily ad supported.
Office Live: “internet based services for growing and managing your business online.” extensible, thousands of partners. ad supported level with tier above requiring subscription."

Knight Ridder
Knight Ridder has come under some significant pressure from major shareholders to sell the company. According to the IHT, Knight Ridder executives are accomodating these demands and investigating possibilities.
Knight Ridder, which like the rest of the newspaper industry is grappling with falling circulation and tepid revenue growth, said that it was studying "strategic alternatives" and had hired Goldman Sachs to advise it. The company said there was no guarantee it would reach a deal.

Gannett: October revenues declined 2.7%
Tribune: October revenues declined 3.5%
Lee Enterprise: Revenues increased 1.9%


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