Thursday, 4 April 2013

Spam another excuse for media corporations to restrict freedom of speech?

I just created a web 2.0 blog well when i say created.... on areavoices basically i created a quick 100 word intro post explaining what the blog will be about.....

smart blog is a clever blog where will will tell you lots of.....

No advertising (even though a computer cannot judge wither rhetoric is advertising or not) no outbound links nothing basically a hello message... click published bam! we have marked this blog as spam blahaha......

It seems that these web 2.0 blog are making spam control so tight that nothing can post not even humans.

First it was unreadable captcha now its when you finally can register your are told you can not.. thanks for wasting my time.

Here is the post i created for you to judge for yourselves

"Decided to set up this new smart blog because it is a smart blog that tells you smart things that you may or may not already know about! Hehe well anyway hello.. not expecting anyone to read this just yet because this is the first blog post and nobody has yet to hear about our smart blog. Well let me tell you anyway what our smart blog is about. Clever things! That what! We shall be discussing clever ways to do stuff like how to's on growing taller, improving eye sight, easing foot and back pain along with other stuff.
Smart hey!"

There is a political side to all of this that is freedom of speech is being limited more and more on the internet. Big online media company's are just using "SPAM" AS A EXCUSE!


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