Thursday, 14 March 2013

A couple interesting things

First, in the Czech Republic the first paperless internet daily has been launched.
Director of mainstream portal, Ondrej Tomek, said the publication compiled by reputed journalists aimed to become the leader in the sector.

"The internet needs more than the offspring of written newspapers," he said.

The founders believe the initial investment of 35-million korunas ($1,41-million) will be recouped within a year, with 90% of the magazine's revenues coming
from advertising.
Second, NBC announces plans to air the Nightly News w/ Brian Williams online. Mixed reviews on this one so far. While I applaud them for making an attempt, BuzzMachine nails it here. The 3 1/2 hour delay after the original broadcast leaves for some second guessing. Jeff Jarvis rants:
Old news is not news, it’s just old. Why didn’t they give the affiliates all the right to show the news on their own sites? Why didn’t they all say that if they can get anyone under the age of 60 to watch their news anywhere anytime, they should thank their lucky news stars. This is why the future of news cannot come from the past of news: It is weighed down with deals and issues and precedents and contracts like Marley’s ghost.


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