Friday, 29 March 2013

Squidoo now no follow bad mistake

Because times are hard more and more internet business need to adapt. The latest online website that are making changes to how they run things is squidoo. Squidoo is like a article marketing website where users write articles on the squidoo website and publish them for all to see (not many people if your article doesn't get featured on squidoo).. however the articles need to be manually reviewed first before they are published.
Many online marketers use this website to help promote there website and use it as way to get higher in the search engines for there own website... by writing quality articles with a link to there own website google and other search engine bots will find this link and thus will rank higher the website that being linked too.

Now however squidoo has changed the rules on there website and all links are no follow. Basically this means links are not followed by the search engine bots and you get no credit for the link.
So in other words you will just be writing articles for squidoo for free with nothing in return....

This is just a example of greedy big businesses squeezing the small people of the internet.

Theoretically if all the web 2.0s do this then t makes no difference because they saturate the meaning of what a no follow actually means... squidoo is quite dumb to think that doing this will help in some way there own website because it drives away quality writers who will now concentrate on there own websites instead.. there are plenty other higher authority websites that have bigger traffic that can be posted on no follow or not...

What do you think of this?


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