Thursday, 14 March 2013

The Future of Advertising
Bill Gates has seen the future of advertising, and the future is the Internet. Well, it's a little unfortunate that Bill makes a comment that has been talked about for some time by many others and he seems to get credited for these 'bold visions of the future'. The difference of course is prominence. When Bill Gates, notourious for designing and developing technology that will have drive industries world-wide, says something about trends going forward, it gives it that does of realism that this isn't just a bunch of tecnologists that are trying to spin an angle to make their products worth more money. (yeah, yeah - Can you say MSN Ad Center?)

At the IAB Engage conference in London this week, Gates told delegates that traditional media such as television, newspapers and magazines would move to being delivered via the internet within the next decade, making debates about the role of internet advertising moot.


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