Friday, 5 April 2013

Web hosting scammers!

When you buy web hosting no matter the cost you expect that your website will not be unavailable or offline... You pay monthly for your website to be online each day of the month. But some web hosting can con you out of your money by taking your website for no reason at all offline for one third of the month. No explanation given (note you don't have to be over the bandwidth limits or space limits).
They offer no clue to why it happens plus other peoples websites not just yours maybe offline as well.
One of the web-hosting i am with for one of my blogs took one of my websites offline without emailing me... no apologies and no estimated time when my website will be available again... only on the forums a rather arrogant announcement that they are working on it... The problem was with the MySQL database, i couldn't even export the database and move hosting either  The thing that really annoys me is I have paid for this hosting for a month yet i am obviously not getting what i paid for! No compensation, no reason...nothing! IDIOTS! I would name and shame them but counting on how law works in the world nowadays i would be probably the one being sued even though i should be suing them.


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