Friday, 5 April 2013

Sony headphones keep disconnecting


If you sony headphones keeping stopping half way through a song and disconnect and make a really loud shhhhh. Or you find you are constantly having to unplug and plug back in again the tower base to get the green light to show and start working again... then something that worked for me on my sony mdr rf865r headphones was to make sure that the sound on my computer was high and the sound on the head phones where lower. Because what caused my headphones to keep on disconnecting was that the sound on my computer was really low so there was not enough for the base to pick up.

So no more shhhhhhhhhh or disconnecting anymore!

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Web hosting scammers!

When you buy web hosting no matter the cost you expect that your website will not be unavailable or offline... You pay monthly for your website to be online each day of the month. But some web hosting can con you out of your money by taking your website for no reason at all offline for one third of the month. No explanation given (note you don't have to be over the bandwidth limits or space limits).
They offer no clue to why it happens plus other peoples websites not just yours maybe offline as well.
One of the web-hosting i am with for one of my blogs took one of my websites offline without emailing me... no apologies and no estimated time when my website will be available again... only on the forums a rather arrogant announcement that they are working on it... The problem was with the MySQL database, i couldn't even export the database and move hosting either  The thing that really annoys me is I have paid for this hosting for a month yet i am obviously not getting what i paid for! No compensation, no reason...nothing! IDIOTS! I would name and shame them but counting on how law works in the world nowadays i would be probably the one being sued even though i should be suing them.

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Spam another excuse for media corporations to restrict freedom of speech?


I just created a web 2.0 blog well when i say created.... on areavoices basically i created a quick 100 word intro post explaining what the blog will be about.....

smart blog is a clever blog where will will tell you lots of.....

No advertising (even though a computer cannot judge wither rhetoric is advertising or not) no outbound links nothing basically a hello message... click published bam! we have marked this blog as spam blahaha......

It seems that these web 2.0 blog are making spam control so tight that nothing can post not even humans.

First it was unreadable captcha now its when you finally can register your are told you can not.. thanks for wasting my time.

Here is the post i created for you to judge for yourselves

"Decided to set up this new smart blog because it is a smart blog that tells you smart things that you may or may not already know about! Hehe well anyway hello.. not expecting anyone to read this just yet because this is the first blog post and nobody has yet to hear about our smart blog. Well let me tell you anyway what our smart blog is about. Clever things! That what! We shall be discussing clever ways to do stuff like how to's on growing taller, improving eye sight, easing foot and back pain along with other stuff.
Smart hey!"

There is a political side to all of this that is freedom of speech is being limited more and more on the internet. Big online media company's are just using "SPAM" AS A EXCUSE!

Friday, 29 March 2013

Squidoo now no follow bad mistake

Because times are hard more and more internet business need to adapt. The latest online website that are making changes to how they run things is squidoo. Squidoo is like a article marketing website where users write articles on the squidoo website and publish them for all to see (not many people if your article doesn't get featured on squidoo).. however the articles need to be manually reviewed first before they are published.
Many online marketers use this website to help promote there website and use it as way to get higher in the search engines for there own website... by writing quality articles with a link to there own website google and other search engine bots will find this link and thus will rank higher the website that being linked too.

Now however squidoo has changed the rules on there website and all links are no follow. Basically this means links are not followed by the search engine bots and you get no credit for the link.
So in other words you will just be writing articles for squidoo for free with nothing in return....

This is just a example of greedy big businesses squeezing the small people of the internet.

Theoretically if all the web 2.0s do this then t makes no difference because they saturate the meaning of what a no follow actually means... squidoo is quite dumb to think that doing this will help in some way there own website because it drives away quality writers who will now concentrate on there own websites instead.. there are plenty other higher authority websites that have bigger traffic that can be posted on no follow or not...

What do you think of this?

Thursday, 14 March 2013

SEO to make money online

Many people have been asking me how they can make money online...Lol please dont be put of by my previous post about monopoly's  yes it is true but there is still a loophole that you can use and the fact that not even these big company's have created artificial intelligence (that if they ever did no doubt they would murder us all with there robot army's . Well anyway using the fact that google has no artificial intelligence means that you are able to create blog and post to them you need a massive amount though... and if you link to your website you maybe able to get a good rank...maybe.

Big media company's monopoly

It seems that rich greedy businessmen have now fixed the internet so much in there favor that small business cannot even begin to compete... where's the government when you need them? Oh wait probably getting bribed.
Anyway so these big company's make it so hard for little company's to make a start even to earn even a tiny amount of money.
Take for example search engines....everyday there are algorithm changes aimed at making sure no business can "unnaturally" get to the top of these search engines.. meaning only big company's that have $$$millions can afford the infrastructure to get there.

Idiots! Go to hell!

A very significant day...

Today could be a watershed moment in the 400 year history of newspapers. A company call Quigo has announced a deal to provide 130 newspapers in the U.S. with a pay-per-click online advertising platform.

Let's hope this moment marks a mind-shift for publisher's and introduces the reality of the threat. Publishers remain a very significant force in advertising and several more significant annoucement like this will open up the eyes of both myself and the investment market that publisher's may be able to fight back. Don't throw in the towel to Google just yet.

For another take on the significance of this announcement, check out Jeff Jarvis's post.