Thursday, 14 March 2013

Coming soon: Google classfieds?

Classified Intelligence, one of the foremost consulting firms on the classified marketplace in the US, has issued a news alert adding "substance" to the rumors that have been floated that Google will be entering the competitive (and lucrative) world of classified ads.
"Google is aggressively moving to include classifieds listings in its organic search results, making the rounds of classified advertising Web sites, requesting a direct feed of listings."
Integrating classified ads into the organic results of Google's wildly successful search engine creates an incredibly powerful service for sellers.

You can speculate that Google would follow a similiar model to and act as an aggregator of classified ads across multiple classified provider's like newspapers, craigslist, kijiji, etc. then sending the buyers to the newspaper or craigslist website to complete the transaction.

One thing is for sure, newspapers who rely on classified revenues for between 40%-60% of their revenues will be watching very closely.


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