Thursday, 14 March 2013

Google Video Goes Primetime?

Google Video just made it's first significant play. They have recently signed a deal w/ UPN to promote the new primetime series "Everybody Hates Chris" starring Chris Rock. The show is being touted as a "feature" on the Google Video homepage for the next couple days.

I took the bait and watched the show...something I didn't do when it aired because I don't have UPN stored as one of my "favorites" on my television early strike against UPN. But thanks to Google, I gave it a go and enjoyed the show and may even check it out next time it airs.

What is exciting for me is the fact that I tend to travel a lot and much of that is international travel. Sometimes after being gone for a week or more you look for those familiar things to make you feel at home. Yes, TV is one of those things and as more and more sitcoms and dramas launch into the world of Google Video, I can have that comfort sitting in a hotel room in Germany, South America, wherever.

This launch also underscores another significant attack Google has engaged with cable companies. In the coming years companies like Comcast will just be remembered overpriced delivery mechanisms that gauged their customers with price increases year-over-year. They have become one of those necessary evils that consumers would love to see die a painful that a company like Google or Yahoo! could provide.


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