Thursday, 14 March 2013

If I had more time...

Things I'd love to cover in more detail but can't because I'm on the road:

  1. IT'S HERE!! Google announces Google Wifi ending the months of speculation.
  2. Scripps in major IPTV deal - Scripps Television's cable networks inked a deal with Broadstream Communications, one of the leading IPTV distributors. The Scripps/Broadstream deal includes HGTV, Food Network, DIY Network, Fine Living, and Great American Country. "We want our product in as many homes as possible," said John Baird, executive vp of marketing and distribution for Scripps Networks.

    "They can then compete with satellite and cable providers," said Scripps' Baird. Broadstream has already made over 200 video and audio deals, with nearly every major broadcaster and programmer in the country.
  3. New research report back newspapers as the engaging media source - "The 2005 Media Engagement Study, which interviewed over 3,000 respondents online to gauge their attitudes toward advertising and content in media, found that newspaper readers are more engaged than consumers of other media, and consider papers a top source for trusted and comprehensive news and information."


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