Thursday, 14 March 2013

A cut above

Grant it, Murdoch has a lot more money then most, but this man changes the rules of the game. While most publishers have remained on the defensive as the world changes around us, Murdoch is on the offensive and breaking down walls that publishers have lived by for hundreds of years.

Previously Murdoch's acquistion trail of Internet companies amounted to a land grab, or what some call "messy media". He was out buying many of the sites that attract the younger demographic that the publishers so desperately covet. This week though, Murdoch made a surprise announcement that he may now be looking to not just provide content, but deliver that content through a broadband network. According to Murdoch stated:
"Here (in the United States), we don't know," Murdoch told the newspaper. "We may be forming a company with partners to build something out here that would give you broadband."
This isn't really a surprise. Publishers need to become much more of a technology company, these days just owning the content isn't enough. In Murdoch's running of News Corp., it's amazing to watch an industry over 300 years old transforming itself seemingly overnight.


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