Thursday, 14 March 2013

Google Unearths Real-estate

Countless amounts of people have downloaded Google Earth and have stood in awe of the experience. They stare in amazement at the clarity of the satellite images while they take virtual trips around the world. But many have wondered, where's the business model that will drive this amazing technology?

Well, Google is doing what Google does, scare the **** out of every industry as their tentacles continue to disrupt the status quo. Whose watching their backs now as Google Maps and Google Earth continue to gain in popularity? Realtors. Google is developing technology that could substantially alter how people shop for and potentially purchase a new house. According to the Seattle Times:
Among the many projects being developed and debated inside Google is a real-estate service, according to a person who has attended meetings on the proposal. The concept, the person said, would be to improve the capabilities of its satellite imaging, maps and local search, and combine them with property listings.


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